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    Classic Memory Foam Pillow


    Imagine you doze of and wake up to find you’ve had the most amazing nights sleep. You’re refreshed and you’re ready to take on anything the world throws at you! Lucky for you, our Classic Memory Foam Pillow is here to make it happen.

    Moulding to the shape of your head, shoulders and neck, the Classic Memory Foam Pillow provides unparalleled support, relieving pressure and ensuring you feel totally relaxed when you need it most. This pillow is nice and firm and offers great support.

    Side-sleepers and back-sleepers will find this ergonomic pillow is firm enough to suit everyone. The best part is, the anti-snoring design makes it a treat for not just yourself, but for your loved ones also.

    Carefully handmade in the UK, the classic memory foam pillow also has a removable extra-soft outer case that can easily be removed and machine-washed for convenience. This incredibly soft fabric cover is also functional as it allows the pillow to breathe whilst wicking moisture away.

    A firm, fresh, fluffy pillow, regardless of the temperature, what more could you dream of.

    • Perfect for side sleepers and back sleepers
    • Removable, washable soft material case
    • Improves spinal alignment
    • Aches and joint pain relief
    • Firm & Supportive
    • Formed, responsive memory foam
    • Moulds to contours of your body
    • 100% memory foam
    • Anti-snore
    • Made in the UK

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